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  • 2017

    Issued shares to buy assets and raise matching funds to complete,Eleven science and technology to become Taiji Industrial subsidiaries

  • 2013

    TaiJi International Trade Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2012

    Acquired Italy EEMS Suzhou company, set up TaiJi Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

  • 2009

    Hynix and South Korea set up a joint venture Sea too Semiconductor (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

  • 2008

    Investment in Yangzhou, Jiangsu TaiJi Industrial New Materials Co., Ltd. was established

  • 1993

    Changed its name to Wuxi Taiji Industrial Co., Ltd.

    In July the company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, became the first listed company in our province

  • 1989

    China's first cigarette polypropylene tow manufacturing enterprises

  • 1988

    Wuxi City, the first and second synthetic fiber plant merger, the establishment of Wuxi City Synthetic Fiber Plant

  • 1966

    The predecessor of Wuxi City, the first synthetic fiber factory was established, is China's earliest production of civil polyester staple fiber enterprises

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